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At 59 Degrees we grow communities of micro organisms. Our unique blend of biology will amend your soil thereby drastically improving the overall health of your plants by delivering nutrients to the roots right where they are needed. Our products cater for plants right across the species spectrum.

How it works!

The biology we provide at 59 Degrees has been carefully crafted to meet the nutritional needs of your plants. Soil environments will always be expressed through the body language of your plant. By adding beneficial life to your soil in the form of Radigrow and mycorrhizal spores you will transform the health of your vegetative friends.


At 59 Degrees we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. In fact, we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff so you don’t have to and are super committed to delivering products of the utmost quality. Check out our wonderfully hand crafted products below.



After application your plant will have had two chapters in its life. The time before Radigrow and the time after...

Mycorrhizal Mix

Some call them spores. We call them game changers.



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Getting plants to grow is our specialty. Well, technically speaking plants grow themselves. We provide the soil biology they need to do what they do, enabling us to do what we do. Homage to plants.

Root Care
Stimulate growth of your plant and increase immunity by allowing us to inoculate your roots with beneficial biology.
Foliar Care
A rapidly quick solution to poorly growing plants across the species spectrum.
Tree Care
Trees = very important. We love them. We’ll love them for you too. With over 25 years of experience between us we ensure a service worthy of such beautiful specimens.
We collaborate with growers, farmers, gardeners, golf courses, municipalities and everyone in between. Contact us directly for more info.

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Soil micro life doesn't always get its just deserves. We're gonna change that!

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Who we are

A young, passionate team, looking to inspire change through positive action. Dedicated to bettering yesterdays practices.

Josef Carey had a “Moment" on a forest floor in Lubeck, Germany, departing suitably equipped with the knowledge and passion to start a company called 59 Degrees.